Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Blog

Okay so here it is, my very first blog. I'm probably one of the most computer unsavy people I know, but I wanted to try and give it a shot. I'm hoping to share a few thoughts on roleplaying, books, movies, Martial Arts, and hey anything else that strikes my fancy.
I guess part of the reason for starting this goes back to last May. I was living in Nova Scotia, trying to make a living as a substitute teacher. My budget was limited, I mean very limited, I was barely making ends meet working two jobs. Before leaving I had been a pretty regular gym rat, and trained alot at my local dojo, but with my new reduced finances I just didn't have the extra money to keep doing these things that I loved. I guess after a few months, I must have really seemed pretty depressed, because my brother, probably sensing my low mood invited my to join his gaming group. He and his friends were just starting with 4e D&D, and since I used to DM for him LOOONG ago he figured that I'd enjoy it.
Well sure enough, something in the game must have rekindled a real old interest, because soon I was looking into all things D&D again. Now even though I have to thank 4ed for being able to bring back that old spark, I must say that when reading the books something left me feeling a little cold; this just wasn't the Dungeons and Dragons that I knew.
Don't get me wrong, I did have fun, the camaraderie with other gamers, the joy in fighting creatures of the dark again; all of it was great. It's just that after the initial euphoria of being part of imaginative gameplay again wore off, I felt that this just wasn't my D&D. The more I read the 4ed books, and looked at the rules the more I missed my good ole Ad&d. I have to say it wasn't just the new intimidating jargon, and the new classes, and races; no this was something less tangible.
I found it came across a little cold and I guess power-gamey (if thats a word). Seeing the way that WoTC had created these new mechanics, I couldn't see these characters out of a combat situation, or placed in a low magic more realist type campaign. Now that's not to say I didn't continue with it, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some fun, but it made my crave good old AD&D more and more.
So as I continued to play, I also searched the net for info on OD&D, D&D Basic and AD&D. This lead to finding some free modules (yaayy), and more importantly the retro-D&D community which I've been reading about for about six months now.
Since then I've moved to Sherbrooke Quebec, and the itch to play good old fashion Dungeons& Dragons is getting bigger and bigger. The obstacles in the way are great though:

1) I need to find old school players (how many can there be out here?)

2) I'll be honest I'd be hestitant to play with a very young crowd. I'm in my thirties and would want to play with people my own age.

3) It would be hard to introduce it to others I know, I fished a little at work, and felt silly asking (I'm too self-conscience I guess)

4) A biggie .... the language barrier: I'm an Anglophone in a primarily Francophone area, so this is going to be a toughie

Now I'm not going to be defeatist, but I am a realist, I don't want to say this is impossible, but it will be hard, and the chances of successfully starting a gaming group seem slim. I've decided to take the plunge though, and create a small notice explaining clearly the style of D&D game I'd like to create, and then post it at the local gaming shop and see if I get any takers. It will be weird playing with strangers, but it seems like the only way to get something on the go.
Thanks for listening, even if no-one reads this, I found that letting my thoughts out like this has been pretty cathartic so it definitely has not been a waste of time.


  1. Getting any bites on your notice? I'd be interested in a follow-up post.

    BTW: I like your profile picture!
    ; )

  2. No Nothing yet, but I have put an annoucement at my local gaming shop.

  3. Good luck with your effort to find people to play; I'm lucky to have a group of theatre people to draw from! I agree with your assessment of 4e PCs--the more I look at them the more they come across as High Fantasy version of Crime-Fighting Superbeings. Instantly Epic. Surely it's more fun to build toward that sort of thing? I've come to think so.

    Why would these folks would even bother to clear out a cursed tomb or goblin lair? I've gotten terribly nostalgic for the idea of scruffy delvers who are largely in it for the money, at least at first. The glory of defeating ancient evil can always come later!


  4. Yeek, any syntax errors in the previous post are entirely the poster's.