Saturday, May 1, 2010

Retro modules

So lately I've pretty much finished my collection of the old TSR stuff, both in paper and pdf (actually I may be missing a large swath of Dragon magazines). My eyes have now turned to the new quality products that have been put for the retro clones.
My purchase have so far included James Raggi's Death Frost Doom, Alphonso Warden's The People of The Pit, Goodman Game's Saga of the Rat King, Micheal Curtis's Dungeon Alphabet, and James Maliszewski's Cursed Chateau. I'd like to eventually give my thoughts on all of these products, but to be honest I've only fully read 3 of them so far (and those were quick reads too). I do know that I'd already like to put DFD and People of the Pit into my campaign...which isn't fair because there are so many of the old modules I want to take a stab at too. Damn that doesn't even include the free modules that people have published online.....Dragonsfoot........
My question to others is are there any new old school modules that you feel are worth a purchase? I know I've put a few on my shopping list at rpgnow, but I'm curious as to what others have to say.


  1. I really like Spire of Iron and Crystal by Matt Finch.

  2. I'm not sure if these would be considered "retro clone", but rather a continuation of old school Ad&d tradition and style. I highly recommend "Cairn of the Skeleton King" and Tower of Blood" by Robert J. Kuntz.

  3. Ive heard good things about Tomb of the Iron God, but don't yet have it.