Friday, January 22, 2010

Good News

Okay, so what happened right, why didn't I get a game going?
Well being in a predominatley French part of Canada has always proven to be a challenge on extra curriculars, bought especially in something like D&D which relies so heavily on verbal descriptions, and lets face it describing a detailed dungeon room is challenging enough in English, my French is just not good enough to make it work.
Recently though I had read a post from James raggi at LotFP describing how to get players, well the gist of the article was to tell me to get off my butt and ask, so I did just that. Since I had no takers from the letter I had posted at the game store, I just sucked it up and asked people at work. Low and behold I got four takers ( a couple I didn't think would) with a couple of other maybes. So I told them that I was going to set up a game for them after we move in a month (it's just too busy and chaotic in here right now).
My wife and I will have a new home and I'll be set up to host them in style (maybe with a little home baking as well). My question now is which module to introduce them to classic d&d with; my gut is saying B2 Keep on the Borderlands: I like to idea of starting them in the small keep and its combination of dungeon, town, and wilderness possibilities; with some work I can hopefully create backstories to open up the dungeon so its more that just exploring the dungeon for exploring's sake. I don't what railroady plots, but I feel that they'll want some goals to work towards, particularly in the first session. It's got to be something that will hook them in to want to play more (three of the four have never played before).
My only hesitation with B2 is it does seem to be combat focussed, with very little in the line of purpose (which I will have to create, and very few traps, there's just one I think). I think I can change things up to maybe add an extra danger or too; and maybe some connection with the evil priests in town (after all the hobgoblins have prisoners from town, and captive maybe there's possibilties there as well).
So I'm not completely sold on B2 yet, but if anyone has any input about B2, or ideas for introducing new adult players into the game, let me know.

P.S. This is the first time I've created a link on blogger, It's supposed to be idiot proof, which sounds just about right for my level, so let's see if it worked.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back after an insanely long layoff

Well color me embarrassed; I mean I didn't really plan to be away so long. I never planned on being a daily blogger or anything, but I mean 5 months, wow. Of course work does take its toll, just like for everyone else, but that's still no excuse. I could try to blame the fact that I had no real new rpg info to add; I still don't think that's reason enough. No the reason is, that only truly possible reason sheer laziness. Yep
You see part of the reason for doing this has been to not only record my attempt to play d&d again. but to also try and become more familiar with the technology of the medium. I teach at a school where computers have become highly prevalent, so I thought this would be a fun way to get better at some of the web technology being used, which means that I can't get lazy about doing my blog, because it could help me at my job (a little at least, I still believe my first responsibility as a teacher is to teach).
Of course, once the school year started this all went to the wayside, as not only do I teach, but I also coach some sports with the students after school. Plus not to get too personnel, but the wife and I have been busy since the summer house hunting (a none too easy task let me tell you).
So long story short (too late) life started to get in the way, but I'm sure I could have posted something if I hadn't been too lazy. That said though,there is some interesting information to share which I will get to very shortly